Clinton Youth Soccer Association

Stack System Help

Stack Sports is the name of the system that the Club uses to manage all player registrations and team management. Below you will find links to some useful documents.

Player Registration Guide This document isn't necessary for coaches specifically, however, if you have players that need to register for a specific season and are having trouble using the system, this document will help them.
Coach Registration Guide This document will show you, as the coach, how to register for a season. Coaches must re-register EVERY season. The system will maintain the status of background check information. After registering the first time, the system will save your information and future registrations will be quickly validating that info.
Team Connect Team Connect is the name of the Team Management portion of Stack Sports, and will be used to perform all communications with a team, schedule management, etc. There is a website as well as a mobile app for both Android and iOS. This document covers its basic usage.
Add Additional Parent Email Parents have the option to add 2 guardians when creating a registration for their player. If a parent does not do this, only 1 player will be in the Team Connect system to receive emails. There are multiple ways a second email address can be added so that both parents can receive email communications from the coach. This document shows how that can be performed, either by the parent or by the coach.